Music & Dance


Singer and songwriter Nikol, an exotic beauty with Chinese, Hawaiian, German, and Irish decent, has always had the ability to fuse jazz, funk, hip-hop and soul with ease since her first contact with Grunge in Seattle, where she grew up musically. Since then, and since her move to Europe, she has experimented and integrated her already rich style into Electronic, House and Minimal music. Nikol has had the honor of opening for such greats as Pearl Jam, Salt-n-Pepa, Zap Mama and Patti LaBelle.

All things dance

From dance workshops for groups to the creation of dance choreography and shows performed by the employees. Or sit back and enjoy a dance show during dinner followed by a dance class to get your clients up and enjoying themselves. Any dance style is possible -from flamenco to rumba, salsa to hip-hop.


Lucero Cárdenas is a professional performer who has worked with top Flamenco companies: Las Cabales, Antonio Romero, Kejío and Jesús Cortés amongst others. Choose from a single dancer, to a whole show with live musicians. Lucero also runs her own school and is available to teach your clients a few steps...


Odette de Margerie entered Barcelona’s artistic scene 6 years ago, and has performed since then in nightspots, clubs, hotels and restaurants since then with his custom shows, for both private parties and public events. Odette is an electric singer that goes from the most pure Crooner style qith her Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin songs, to Cher’s or Lady Gaga’s contemporary pop. Odette loves talking eith her public about various issues, but mostly about love.